☆ August 8th 2014 AngelScope ☆


Your team of Guides & Angels:

You deserve to live in a peaceful and protective space, and your angels are present here and now to help you complete an energy clearing! Think or say: “I not call upon Divine white light, and ask that my highest, best, most living possible guides and angels please come in and connect with me now. Enter into my home and release into the light any and all negativity, density, stuck or stagnant energy which is present. Please cleanse and uplift the energy of this space and help me to create a loving, happy and supportive environment here for myself and my loved ones. Please release negativity present in my home in any form, into the light of the Divine, for the highest and greatest good.”

“Archangel Uriel, please assist in dissolving into the light any remaining negative energies or limiting patterns of thought which are tied to this space. Archangel Gabriel, please release any remnants of arguments, misunderstandings, doubts, or fears. Archangel Michael, please cut any and all draining cords, and release them into the light, along with any negative emotions, or memories tied to past, present, or future events that may still be connected to this space. Archangel Raphael, please release into the light any lingering hurt, pain or density stored within this space. Thank you…”

“I now ask that my guides and angels of the light fill my home with unconditional love, joy, positive energy and compassion. Surround my home with your angelic energy of protection, support, and care. Fill this space with healing, uplifting energy, and with the light of the Divine. Bless my home and all who occupy this space, helping to create a positive, harmonious atmosphere, for the highest and greatest good accruing to Divine will…And so it is.”

~ Melanie Beckler ~

Dearest Earth Angels, I’ve pre-recorded this message for you just before I leave town! Hope that you enjoy these beautiful message that we have for you today.

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤



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