☆ August 7th 2014 AngelScope ☆


Everything is about to change for you!

This could represent a new birth, a proposal, a new job offer, a move to a new city/state, or an opportunity that moves your life in a completely new direction. This is a very exciting time. If you have been expecting something, you are about to receive some very surprising news. Change is in the air and everything is being rearranged in your favour.

This card also comes to you, to remind you to go with the flow of these events. It is natural to feel fear or resistance in the midst of great change. Do not let this fear or resistance keep you from allowing what is to come.

You are being asked to trust in these events. Even good change can be scary at times. In times of great change, everything must fall apart so it can fall together. If you start to notice people, places, and situations leaving your life at this time, it is to make room for the new exciting events that are on their way. Let go, and allow this process. The end results will be what you have been asking for. Big changes are in store for you. You are being asked to let go, allow, and have faith. You will be pleasantly surprised if you do!

~ Kelly T. Smith ~

Hope everyone is having an awesome-miraculous day ahead, dearest Earth Angels! 😀

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤



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