☆ August 9th 2014 AngelScope ☆


As an Indigo, you’re extremely sensitive, and you can unknowingly absorb negative energy (which then affects you and those around you negatively). This limits your understanding of your amazing life purpose. So the angels ask you to step away temporarily and spend time in nature, connecting with this beautiful planet.

It’s time for you to explore the world outside your home and workplace. You are so much more than what yo experience in your normal daily routine. Allowing yourself to be immersed in the earth’s energy can be a healing and cleansing experience that will help you ground yourself and release that which no longer serves you.

~ Doreen & Charles Virtue ~

Dearest Earth Angels, I’ve pre-recorded this message for you just before I leave town! Hope that you enjoy these beautiful message that we have for you today.

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤



6 thoughts on “☆ August 9th 2014 AngelScope ☆

  1. AmyRose says:

    This is why I spend so much time in Nature and around water lately. The chaos and the clamor that is on earth today is so challenging to keep out of our personal spaces. When grounded and calm, we then can clearly see. Great post. Thank you. Love, Amy

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