☆ August 13th 2014 AngelScope ☆


This card shows up for you today to remind you that all things are connected to one Source.

You can call that Source whatever you like as it has been known by many names in many different cultures in many different countries. It is God, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, Spirit or many other names that reference a higher power which is the Source of all that is. Remember, that you must develop your own relationship with Source. Find your own way to develop a personal connection to Oneness and all that is. Your relationship with Source will be unique and personal to you. You will know when you are connected to Source and all that is, because you will radiate pure unconditional love. You will not operate out of fear, judgement, anger, or hate. You will be present in the moment with an abundance of love to share with all.

It is possible for us to temporarily lose our connection with Source and all that is. When we feel hopeless, lost, infused, angry, judgmental, or fearful, it is time for us to reconnect. We never truly lose our connection, but we temporarily lose our truth and forget who we are and start to doubt our ability to have a relationship with Source. When you feel this, it is time for you to go within. Go within and reconnect with love and all that is. Ask Source to show you the way. Your connection to Source (God) is the light that will shine through you and lead the way for health, happiness, and peace of mind.

~ Kelly T. Smith ~

Hello dearest Earth Angels,

How are you doing these days? I truly pray that your days have been smooth sailing with the full moon shining brightly in the night! I’ve just gotten back in town last evening, and things didn’t go accordingly as planned. Henceforth, I’d decided to take some time off for retreat — meditation & rest — to recover from the aches in my body, and the mental & emotional stress that I’ve gone through those past few days.

Please be reassured that this message comes purely from unconditional love & the highest guides of everybody who are reading this beautiful message!

~Sending everyone so much love, light & angel blessings from me to You~



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