☆ August 14th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Archangel Chamuel - Love

“My dearest ones,

It is with honour that I, Archangel Chamuel, am here to guide you on your path to the highest purpose.

I am ecstatic to announce that this will be a time of positive change. You will come to see the beautiful, light-filled door opens to a lush, rainbow-lit spring filled with vibrant lotus flowers. The colourful birds are chirping in tune with the sounds of the ocean, and the flowers bloom enchantingly in the gardens of your Soul. Your life is opening up to a higher vibrational frequency and new opportunities are about to appear through miracles. The changes you’ve been working on are ready to blossom with wonderful results, so make sure you see your personal intentions through with continued action and optimistic expectations.

As you embark on this wonderful new journey ahead, you are being reminded to expand your vision and template some much broader options. Do not limit yourself, and never ever have expectations for what’s to come. Remember that positive thinking is crucial throughout this journey, as the Universe will reciprocate what you think, feel and sense — Law of Attraction. Please also understand that you have unlimited resources available to you, and now is the time to think big! Don’t ever settle for anything less that what you truly deserve, oh dearest ones!

Whether you’re looking for a new relationship or just more love in the relationship you’re in, this door with a heart opens onto a new beginning in your experience. A new love may be arriving, and you are being brought together by a strong, resonant connection. This may be a call from a past life, or it may be a new tenderness about to bloom into heartfelt affection.

Please do take note that this relationship already exists in energetic potential. Henceforth, do make sure that you are projecting the kind of self-loving energy that you want to receive from others. Be aware that the Universe returns your self-caring treatment to you. I’m ready to open that door for you, are you?

My dear pal, Archangel Michael, will also be assisting you on your path today. You are being guided to shield yourself from any harsh or fear-based energies (either from you or others around you). To shield yourself, envision a cocoon of healing light surrounding you. The shield will deflect or transmute any negative energies that tries to enter into your energetic fields. Also, affirm yourself with an intention that you are protected and perfectly safe in that beautiful cocoon of shield. Trust in the process, and know that all is well.

Yes, others may be envious and jealous that you are getting all the good in your life as you embark on this new wondrous journey ahead. Hence why the harsh energies that are directing towards your auric and energetic fields, my dearest ones. However there is nothing to fear, as we are here to protect and guide you towards the positivity and all the goodness in your lives. Please do remember to call upon us for guidance, protection and wisdom.

Ask and it is given…”

chamuel post card

Archangel Chamuel - Soulmate Prayer

Hello dearest Earth Angels, this is a channeled message from Archangels Chamuel & Michael channeled by moi 🙂

Archangel Chamuel seemed to be very excited for this message to be passed on to our beautiful WordPress readers & bloggers. She appeared almost instantly when I woke up, and kept nudging me to channel this message to everyone! I truly pray that this message and guidance resonates strongly with everyone who’s reading this post today. It was such a pleasant experience connecting with the beautiful and heart-warming presence. Archangel Chamuel’s energy made me giggly and it was nonetheless a very precious & unforgettable moment.

Hope everyone enjoyed reading this message & pray that your day goes smoothly with miracles colouring all around your energy fields!

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤


P.S. I’ve registered a domain — newagelove.org ! I’m so excited to finally have a domain to myself! Wheeeeee~ 😀 


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