☾ Fiverr Updates ☽


To all of my dearest Earth Angels,

I really do hope that everyone is doing fine on this beautiful Friday! I’d like to update everyone on my new Etsy shop that I’ve started. Recently, my guides have been nudging me to try out another platform where I can offer my gifts! It was not an impulsive decision / change as I’ve been considering this for a while now. Honestly, starting this Etsy shop is going to be a lot more ‘entrepreneurial’ than Fiverr and there has got to be more commitment from me.

Etsy logo

Yes, I do understand that everyone will be wondering what the prices will be like. Fortunately, I’ve got a great news for everyone! My listings on Etsy are definitely affordable to each and everyone of you — including my favourite & by-popular-demand Angels’ channeled message listing. Even though I’ve increased the price slightly for that particular listing, please do understand that the slightly increased price is for the time and energy that I’ve dedicated into your personal & uniquely-genuine readings. Each reading usually last about an hour (or more)! Henceforth, please do understand that I absolutely dedicate 101% of my time and energy into every single one of your readings. Your readings are just as important for you as it is to me. As much as the angels empower you through the readings that I provide, the journey of providing you with these readings inspire and empower me as well.

Thank you Logo

Of course, I want to do a special shout out to everyone who has supported me on this wonderful & enchanting intuitive journey!! I’ve been so blessed that I could share my blessings with everyone. This journey hadn’t been exceptionally smooth-sailing, but everything was all worth it eventually. The experiences that I’ve wrought were just simply amazing, especially with all of you beautiful & supportive Earth Angels. Honestly, I couldn’t have done it better without you guys encouraging & motivating me everyday! I’m so excited to announce that I’d like to dedicate to everyone on WordPress a coupon code — NEWAGELOVE8 — for an introductory offer! This coupon can be used on all of my listings when you’ve purchased a minimum of USD$10 in my shop!

Sending every single beautiful Earth Angels all of my love, light & angel blessings ❤



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