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I am so excited to share with you that I’ve decided to give away 5 mini Share-Your-Gifts reading! My calling includes helping my clients to raise their personal vibrational frequency, and I was thinking…what better way it is to give free mini readings? 😀 This is one of my desires to guide most of the beautiful Earth Angels to their special unique gifts and teach them how they can actually share their gifts & talents with the world without the need for a drastic awakening by the Universe. Being conscious of what you have is definitely so much better than being in the dark. Hence, I’d love to help many of you to raise your personal vibrations to the best of my abilities! ❤

Of course, feedbacks & reviews are always welcomed if you’ve enjoyed your reading! 😀

Share-Your-Gifts Mini Reading will be sent to your email directly. Please note that this reading will vary from 500-1000 words depending on each individual. I’ll be connecting with your highest level guides and angels for this reading. It may take up to 5 business days for your reading to be delivered to you. Usually, it’ll be less than 5 days otherwise informed. I truly appreciate your patience & understanding!

These are the things that the mini reading will cover:

– Expression of gifts

– Gifts that you are conscious of

– What is blocking you from sharing your gifts

– Gifts that you aren’t conscious of

– What will help you share your gifts

For interested participants, please read the instructions as follows:

1. Comment below by numbering yourself. If number 1 is taken, please comment as number 2. E.g. 1. Grace 2. Annabelle

2. When the number of participants has reached 5, please do not comment anymore. Don’t worry as there’s going to be a next give-away in the very near future! However, it may or may not be the same type of reading. If you’d like a personalised reading, please visit my new Etsy shop. I’ll be delighted to read for you! 🙂

3. To my dearest first 5 lucky participants, I’ll like your post for ‘approval’. After your post is liked, please refer to the CONTACT ME page. Then, proceed on to send me your particulars — first name & DOB only. Please do not share other information with me as you may be surprised what the reading has for you!

4. If your reading hasn’t been sent within 5 days, please send an email to me to inform me! Thank you for the cooperation!

5. I truly hope that you could leave a feedback for me after the reading, as I may decide to place this listing in my new Etsy Store for other individuals’ benefits in the future. My aim is to help as many as I can to be awakened to their consciousness. Hence, your reviews do mean a lot to me as they will allow others to know about my service as well!

I truly am excited & ecstatic to connecting with you! Can’t wait to start your wonderful transformational conscious awakening!

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to all my beautiful Earth Angels ❤



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