What are your addictions?

Often when we see or hear about addiction, we will automatically think it as caffeine, smoke, drug addiction, etc. Indeed, they are the common physical ‘prisons’ that many people (e.g. celebrities, artists, etc.) have been stuck in. As a matter of fact, I have a confession to make – I LOVE COFFEE! 



I KNOW… 😦 It is a HUGE concern to have caffeine in my system apparently. Archangel Raphael has been by my side, guiding me step by step to heal me from my daily dose of caffeine for some time now. Just last week, I realized that caffeine & excess sugar are the main culprits that cause me to get jittery, bloated and anxious every single time. I have been consuming the ever-tempting brown liquid since I was at the age of 8 and only known this NOW, eleven years later!

With that said, the angels are indicating that cravings & addictions as well as our emotions are correlated. Through my spiritual awakening journey, I’ve noticed that nearly ALL of my clients have these issues that I believe most of us have as well – depression, anxieties and fear of the unknown.

As many of us know, Archangel Raphael is the beautiful healing angel to help us out with our addiction problems. Raphael has been nudging me to write this article for quite some time now, and so I really can’t wait to share this revelation with you!

Recently, the Archangels have guided me to many more ‘addictions’ that are occurring in this world! That has been a truly fascinating revelation to me. Have you ever heard of spiritual soul addictions? Yes, you’ve seen that correctly – spiritual soul addictions. You may be slightly skeptical about it but in actual fact, they are pretty common in our everyday lives. Some common spiritual soul addiction examples are indeed anxieties, depression, worries, fears and doubts.

WordPress - Depression Addiction

Do you always feel like you’re constantly worried about the future? Are you guilty about what you have done in the past? Do you always fear the unknown? Do you constantly try to ignore making decisions because of that? Are you constantly thinking that he/she is cheating on you? Do you close yourself off just because someone criticized your actions? Are you always asking yourself, “Am I doing this right? Will he/she like me if I do that? What should I do if…?” Can I trust him/her? Will I be successful if I do this/that?

Well, there are more of those commonly asked questions. But, I believe that everyone understands where I am driving at. Whenever those questions come up in the readings, the angels will never fail to advice you, “Surrender and release these issues to God, my dearest child.”

How can I surrender and release? Usually, many of us will be confused about the advice given. It is simple, really. Here are some tips for you beautiful Earth Angels!

WordPress - Joy Addiction

1. Create a ‘God Box’

Write all of your issues and material concerns on a piece of paper and place them into the box. Keep this box in a sacred place at home. Be grateful & have faith that your prayers will be answered in Divine timing.

2. Burn with fire / Dump into water / Bury underground

These are exceptionally good methods for those who have relationship (e.g. family, romance, co-workers, clients, etc.) issues. Honestly, these works just as well as cord cutting! Again, write down your issues on a piece of paper. Then, you can choose either one of the options above – burn, drench or bury. Of course, remember to add a prayer to God while you’re burning, drenching, or burying the piece of paper.

NOTE: Bless them instead of cursing them! I know it’s tempting to curse them, but trust me! Blessings work way BETTER than cursing! It helps to elevate your vibration as well, because blessings are POSITIVE vibrations 🙂

3. Create / Draw / Color a Mandala

This is a great activity for both you and your inner child! You can relish your childhood memories of coloring, connect with your inner child, and stay grounded at the same time. It’s an awesome method to de-stress and calm your anxieties down! Also, it keeps your mind in an alpha (meditative) state.

4. Meditate

By keeping your mind in an alpha state, your brain is shut off from its constant chattering and cluttering. You will be free of noises in your head at once. There, you will see that solutions that you need will gradually come to you naturally! Don’t worry if there is nothing coming up for you. Just keep your breathing calm and steady. You will eventually get there 🙂

5. Pour your being into a song & dance to the beat/tune

When you concentrate on something (not worries), your point of attraction will be averted to something else. You must constantly be reminded of the Law of Attraction & the power of manifestation especially if you’re an Earth Angel / Light worker / Indigo! Notice your thoughts. If they’re negative, quickly switch your thoughts to something positive or distract yourself from going deep into the negative egoistic state! What can possibly be a better solution than singing and dancing? 😉

 6. Yoga

One word and four letters, but a huge benefit for all of us! If you don’t think yoga suits you, it’s alright! You definitely have other options that are listed above. For those (potential) yogis, you’d know that practicing yoga have TONS of benefits. And yes, yoga can also be a form of meditation. Moreover, it helps to balance and heal our imbalanced / closed chakra centers! Isn’t it amazing?

I hope that this post will help many of us heal our spiritual soul addictions more easily & thus elevate our vibrational frequency for our highest purpose in life! Sending so much love, light, prayers & angel blessings to all my beautiful Earth Angels! 



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