☆ August 22nd 2014 AngelScope ☆


Something which no longer serves you is about to end. 

Hades, God of Death and the Underworld, has appeared in your reading today to mirror an impending death. Yet, this is not a physical death, rather it is the death of outmoded ways of thinking, belief systems or emotional patterns that restrict or prevent you from moving towards a more positive and inspiring future. On a subconscious level, you have yearned to rid yourself of these traits which, deep in your heart, you know keep you from being and experiencing all you can. 

It is difficult to let go of something so familiar to you, yet know that in this instance, it is essential that a part of you die in order for you to experience the endless possibilities. Surrender. Let go gracefully and trust. Hades is often brutal in his ways, so you may feel unsettled or out of balance in the coming days. However, remember that this is all a natural part of the healing process. This card is not a curse, rather, it is a blessings which has the power to transform your life. 

Remember, death and rebirth are two sides of the same coin, you cannot have one occur without the other. Let go of the old and make way for something new!

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~



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