StoryScreaming Session!

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I’ve had to take care of 3 classes today — nursery, K1 & K2. It was FUN. They have officially drained my entire energy! I have to resort to using a microphone to overcome their noises!

Note to self: Never take up 3 classes ALONE ever again!

It was a horrible experience overall for me today. The kids were screaming their heads off, playing with saliva, kicking the toys all over the place, fighting with one another, kids crying in a corner and some desperately trying to get my attention. Everything was happening all at once. Can you believe how the kids are acting these days? My generation used to be dumb (pardon me!) & quiet. They don’t even make a single noise! But here I am, witnessing the 21st century kids acting like BABOONS in the zoo! Oh gosh… How did I ever survived this day?!

When I was…

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