My definition on what love is

What is love? – A different perspective

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So I was thinking earlier about love and what I’ve learned so far about it. I’m still learning and I’m 32! So many of my friends are in the same boat as me about learning what love actually is. A few of my friends have asked why it hurts so much. Well, this got me thinking…why does it hurt so much? The truth is : It doesn’t. It’s our beliefs, our conditions, our expectations and how we react to it that does. That pesky emotional body of ours creates the illusion that love hurts. This isn’t to say it’s fact, just my opinion that I thought I’d share.

In my opinion, when we try and control love or put expectations on love, it isn’t unconditional and therefore, not really love but rather an illusion of love or a taster if you will. The definition of unconditional love is a love…

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