☆ August 31st 2014 AngelScope ☆


It is time to clear old negative thoughts and feelings

The Angels of Space Clearing has shown up in your reading today to help you clear the negative thought patterns and feelings which have surfaced recently as a result of your dwelling on past mistakes and regrets.

These unconstructive thoughts and feelings are the primary source of stress in your life at present. Not only are they causing you to feel confused, they are also preventing positive new energies from entering your life.

Close your eyes and feel the loving presence of the beautiful angel who is here to help you clear and heal all these unwanted thoughts and emotions. Imagine yourself being showered with light. Imagine a beam of rainbow coloured light penetrating your heart while another beam of rainbow light penetrates your mind. Feel your thoughts and perceptions begin to relax and your emotions becoming clear, calm and balanced.

Now, give thanks to God and your angel for this wonderful healing.

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~

It’s time for decluttering of your feelings, emotions & thoughts, my dearest beautiful Earth Angels! This will be a time of Autumn/Summer cleaning. Treat it as a time of clearing those unwanted things in your home, computers, and your auric field. Trust me, this process will be extremely worth it because you’ll feel extremely cleansed and you become a clearer channel for the Divine. You’ll hear, feel and sense the Source (God) more clearly than you’ve ever been before! How awesome is that?! 😉

Please do let me know how you feel after a clearing! I’d love to hear from you & your experiences. Hope you have a lovely & miraculous day ahead, Angels!

Sending all my beautiful Earth Angels so much love, light & angel blessings ❤



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