☆ September 5th 2014 AngelScope ☆


When you consciously relax, you are rejuvenated. Give yourself permission to relax and to simply be. You’re always connected to the infinite wisdom, healing, and inspiration of the Divine… But in the busyness and chaos of life, this connection can become blocked by tension, or it may simply go unnoticed as physical distractions occupy your focus. When you consciously take the time to relax your body, mind, and spirit, all receive rejuvenation and healing. When your mind is relaxed and still, the guidance of your angels and the inner knowingness of your soul can be felt and understood.

Life can be chaotic, but by relaxing and breathing, your burdens will be erased. When you are in a relaxed and present state of being, the Divine beauty of your life and path are able to shine through. Right now, take a moment to simply be relax and breathe. Focus upon your breath, and let go of thoughts. Ask yourself: “What would be relaxing and rejuvenating for me?”

Whatever the answer to this question is for you, do it! Go for a walk in nature, prepare a meal, take a nap, meditate, work in the garden, go swimming, breathe deeply, or get a massage. Do whatever it takes for you to relax and unplug, because… When you’re relaxed and present, you’re open to the Divine guidance of the Universe. You also open to your own intuition, and to the guidance from your team of guides and angels.

~ Melanie Beckler ~

Hello my beautiful Earth Angels! Hope you are feeling balanced, abundant and living healthily! If you are not, then you ought to think in which aspect of your life are you working too much and simply too hard? Is there a NEED to really do everything in one day or can you divide your schedules so that you can take a breather?

Indeed, this message is reminding you that you have to prioritise yourself, dearest ones! Yes, Earth Angels do have the tendency to constantly GIVE, but you must also be open to RECEIVE. There has to be a balance in your life. Henceforth, I’m going to use the Kit-Kat’s Slogan — “Take a break, have a kit-kat!” 

Believe it or not, chocolates can keep you high momentarily. It is in chocolate’s nature to bring happiness and relaxation to us! So, please take a break. You’re working way too hard for your own good, dearest Earth Angels. Allow yourself to receive, receive & receive. After all, you’ve been giving yourself away these days or even months. Thence, it’s truly a period of time for you to take care of yourself right now, so that you can give more to others after you’ve rejuvenated!

Sending every beautiful Earth Angels so much love, light & angel blessings ❤



10 thoughts on “☆ September 5th 2014 AngelScope ☆

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awww you’re so sweet, dearest Line! :’) Please do rest and rejuvenate as much as you can! Because according to the Astrology, there will be so much more going on in our lives in the next couple of weeks after this first week of Sept! Gather up your energy and stay tuned for the energies next couple weeks! Hope you have a lovely & enjoyable day ahead! Sending all of my love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours ❤ ❤ ❤

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