☆ September 9th 2014 AngelScope ☆


We each hold within our memory cells all our past experiences and memories, and we carry these experiences and memories from each life into the next. At any point, you are the sum total of all your lives’ experiences going back to the beginning of time. This influences the way you react to and experience life in this lifetime.

This card is alerting you to the fact that a current issue affection your life and your relationships stems from a fear you developed in a past life. You have carried the fear within you for eons. Having some understanding of past lives can sometimes help us to make more sense of our present life. The memory and feelings associated with our past lives can be accessed by sitting quietly in meditation and asking our soul and spirit to show us all that may be of help to us at the present time. You may be shown a glimpse of the past life or lives that have contributed to your current fears and attitudes and this may help you to understand and heal them.

All that is required is that you keep an open heart during your meditation and you feel yourself surrounded by light and love at all times. Ask your spirit, your guides and angels to show you only that which will help you dissolve and heal this issue. Before you finish your meditation, imagine all your past experiences transforming and filling with light and love. Bless both past and present and ask that this healing and transformation continue for the days and weeks to come, and to continue also while you sleep. You can access past life experiences in meditation by yourself provided that you trust in the process. However if you prefer, you can seek the assistance of someone who is experienced in this type of work. In choosing someone to help you, simply ask your spirit, guides, and angels to attract the appropriate person for you.

~ Toni Carmine Salerno ~

To all of my dearest beautiful Earth Angels, this is a special message. I believe that September is the month to heal, forgive and accept our past and everything that stems from our past life(s). Do you feel like there’s always a repercussion in your attitude, behaviour or sometimes, even cravings? Well, most of these come from your past life. They are currently affecting you in this lifetime through the repeated cycles. Do you always end up with the wrong guy every time you date? Are you always fearful or anxious about public speaking? Are you afraid of people leaving you so much so that you push them all away?

These are the vicious cycles AKA lessons to be overcome in this lifetime. Either you heal your past life issue or have a breakthrough in this life to stop this cycle. Of course, I’d highly recommend Elizabeth Crowley if you’d like to have a past life reading. She’s an absolute sweetheart to work with! Please mention that I’d referred you to her, as she doesn’t know of this private advertising. Heheh! 🙂

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to all of your beautiful Earth Angels’ ❤



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