☆ Additional Message – Sept 15th 2014 ☆


© 2014 Kelly T. Smith

Now is the time for soul searching. Your soul is yearning to express itself through career.

You are being asked to let go of limited beliefs that say you cannot do what you love and still earn a living. This limited way of thinking is keeping you from moving forward into a career in alignment with your soul’s expression. This card comes to you today to tell you that it is possible to do what you love for a living and thrive. Let go of old conditioning that says otherwise. It is time for you to dream again. Spend some time thinking about what makes you happy and ask your guides and angels for assistance with a new career.

If you focus on the our joy of doing what you love, the money will be a result of that joy. Let go of all beliefs that tell you it is not possible. It is possible, and you are getting ready to discover this very soon. Dream big and have faith! You are getting ready to experience a career transition that is in alignment with your soul.

~ Kelly T. Smith ~

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