☮ Making peace with my Soul ☮

© 2014 Brecon Cottages

© 2014 Brecon Cottages

I woke up this morning feeling extremely gloomy and moody. It was a different sensation from the other days. My heart was clenching tightly, my jaw was clamped tight, and I just felt so depressed. I didn’t know what was happening. Everything was going well these days.

As per normal, I went on ahead with my daily routine — meditation in the morning. It was in the middle of my meditation that I was brought to another place, which was entirely different from the modern societies. It felt like the 1920s. Thereafter, I was led into a dirty, muddy path, towards a small cottage. Looking over my surroundings, I realised that it was a meadow. Looking over myself, I was dressed in rugged clothes, with a bucket of water in my hands. Suddenly, the pain within my heart grew strong and heavier. It was as though my heart was screaming its lungs out and screaming bloody murder. It wanted to get out of my body! The emotions were killing me; they were excruciating, miserable and thoroughly agonising. I wanted to get out of there, but something pulled me in further — the cottage.

My vision became clearer, and tears formed beneath my eyelids. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Finally, the realisation crept towards my whole being. This was my past life. This woman was me. The woman was creeping outside the cottage stealthily, trying not to disturb her children and husband who was sleeping. But, she didn’t expect herself to witness it.  My vision went over towards the windows of the bedroom. She (I) was witnessing an adultery act caused by my husband. Honestly, it hurts so badly that I had to purge the tears out of my eyes. I just wanted this agony to end. I didn’t want to witness this sickening act of debauchery any longer. So, I called upon Archangels Michael and Raphael in to assist me in this process. I needed to release and heal this past wounds. I just have to…

Gradually, I zoned out of the scene and back into my body. I just kept crying and praying non-stop. I continuously asked Archangel Raphael to heal me of this past life issue so that I can move forward in serenity in this lifetime. He heard me, and He’d comforted me. I couldn’t remember the exact words anymore, but I felt a sense of love and warmth surrounding me. I am healed. I am loved. And, I am able to move forward in life now.

All is well, again…


9 thoughts on “☮ Making peace with my Soul ☮

  1. sayyestoeverything says:

    My friend Nikki who I’ve mentioned to you before texted me today and she was super emotional. I woke up the same way today with no clue why. I did talk to my guides later and asked for a lot of help which I received.
    I’m so sorry it was painful but you know exactly who to call and you did! For that, I’m very happy for you! It’s been a busy time lately. So glad to hear you are feeling balanced again.
    Much love!

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Ugh, must be the energies acting up again! I’ve heard about the solar flares as well and it’s affecting our energies, but I’m not sure what’s that.

      Thank you so much for your comforting words, dearest Sarah. It was extremely painful, but I’m glad that this is over for now. Because, I’m sure that it’s just the beginning to the healing of our past life issues & old wounds.

      Take care & stay strong always, dearest Sarah! We can definitely get through this together with the help of our guides! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The best is yet to come! 🙂

      Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours,
      Grace Fae ❤

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