✡ Reiki Attunement ✡

© Project Inner Peace

© Project Inner Peace

I have been attuned to Reiki Level I! Yayy! Honestly, I have been skeptical about Reiki and its healing powers. But gradually after receiving a Reiki healing from a dear friend who’s a Reiki Master, I’ve noticed its strong, lasting & powerful effects — it really does work!

My experience with Reiki healing session:

It was a cord-cutting + Reiki healing. Let me just tell you that it was so awesome! So, I’m not afraid to let you guys know about my story — my relationship was on the rocks and it was in an extremely negative state. I realised that I needed to clear his energy out of my system, so I asked a friend for help. So, she came back to me with a Reiki report (long-distance healing) and encouraged me not to contact him for this period of time, and told me that the relationship would even change for the better after this Reiki healing session. Again, I was SKEPTICAL. I was thinking...”Are you sure?” But, I didn’t voice that out. It’s good enough that my dear friend wanted to help me out. So, I trusted her.

After a few weeks, he texted me and asked me out. I rejected him because of obvious reasons. Then he tried to persuade me. Of course, I still based him as the guy I’ve known before the Reiki healing session. So, I confronted him about it. Surprisingly, he said…“I promise you. This is just an innocent meeting. Nothing else!” Hmmm…that obviously didn’t sound like him. He was never the one to have the word ‘innocent’ in his dictionary. And, the revelation got to me. Reiki…

My experience during & after Reiki attunement:

During the Reiki attunement, there were many voices in my head. I was actually nodding off (attunement was done @ 7.30am), but I did my best to stay in the alpha state. Interestingly, I’ve felt the tingling sensations especially around my head, my arms, the soles of my feet and my back. It was very fascinating! Staying in the dream-like state didn’t help when I awake to consciousness as I couldn’t remember any guidance or messages given by my guides and angels. But, I do know that the tingling sensation in my hands were still going strong even after the attunement!

It’s now my third day after the attunement. True to some Reiki practitioners’ words, I felt tired most of the time even though I gulped down loads of water and I also felt that my energies were shifting very rapidly. My vibrational frequencies are elevating quickly. Yes, it should be a good thing, but I felt it going too fast for me. Why?

I want to eat meat. 

Going down this path is simply…life changing. I’ve always enjoyed the tastes of meat in my mouth. But somehow these days, it seems like my throat constricts every time I see a dish of meat on the dinner table. It was both antagonising and agonising to me. I’ve tried tons of vegetarian food, but it doesn’t work on me either.

I’m doomed.

Hopefully, I’ll find some solutions to this tiny problem of mine…


4 thoughts on “✡ Reiki Attunement ✡

  1. Ethereal Mermaid says:

    hello Grace! I am so happy to hear about your Reiki attunement! I was also a little skeptical in the beginning, before i ever experienced it. I received the Reiki I attunement from a master and wow it was powerful! i definitely felt it, very strong, warm, peaceful soothing energy. it felt like being wrapped in a soft fuzzy hug! Next week I will take a Reiki II course ! very excited. blessings on your Reiki journey and beyond!

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi Laura! It’s great to hear from you again! I absolutely agree that Reiki I is truly divine & powerful :’) I’ve never felt so alive before until the attunement session. It was such an amazing experience! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! Hope that you have an awesome Reiki II attunement/course next week! Please do keep me updated how you feel about it! I may even be interested in getting myself attuned for it in the future as well! 😛 Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours, dearest Laura ❤ ❤ ❤

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