☾ Prayers Answered: Divine Strength ☽


© Kate Swift 2013

God, please instil trust and self-love within me so that I can fully own my power!

This was the prayer that I muttered subconsciously & consciously throughout the day. With these current transformational energies, it’s the best time to let go of the old and gradually step into the new — have a positive breakthrough! So, I prayed every single day with that or a similar prayer. And..it’s funny how God asked me this today.

How can you trust & love yourself better?

The answer was right in my face this evening when I was at my Aunt’s. A brief background story of hers: My Aunt is a hardcore religious person. She was born into Buddhism (like me) and gradually believed in it throughout the years. Till something happened, she lost faith in that religion and went into another…and another…and another. Well, you get the point! So, she finally stopped at one particular religion that most of the Earth’s population are involved in — Christianity. No offence to the Christians who are reading this! I’m just writing my story in my perspective!

As I’ve mentioned, she’s HARDCORE in every single religion she was in and no difference towards Christianity as well. It was difficult to talk about religions with her because she’s always so adamant about her God. Honestly, I don’t mean to judge her (or anyone else who’s reading this for the matter). But, she’s taken it TOO FAR all the time!

“So have you been praying to God lately?” 

I answered, “Yes, I went to the temple to pray this morning.” 

“Oh…I thought you knew God? Why did you still go into the temple to pray?’ 

Omg…this is so infuriating! I felt like asking her, “My dearest Auntie, you said you knew God. If so, why are you still going to church to pray then? Muahahaha!” But I didn’t. I kept this thought to myself even though I knew that it was both harmful to my soul and my throat chakra.

This wasn’t the worse conversation that I’ve had with her. Tonight…was the worse of the worse. She literally tried to bring me down, dragging me to her hardcore level!

“Are you reading those fortune telling books? Don’t read them anymore, Grace. It is very harmful to you. You are inviting evil spirits into your life. Stop it. Stop reading these kind of things!” 

Ummm, hello? Who are you to tell me that I can’t read what I desire to read? My mom doesn’t even stop me from reading anything! I was burning my insides. It felt like there were smoke coming out both of my ears. I was furious. Hurt. Embarrassed. Annoyed. Pissed. Frustrated.

So, I prayed again — asking God why does this happen in my life. Why does my Aunt kept trying to bring me down? Why must she hurt me so badly every single time?

Then I heard it.

You asked for trust and self-love. I am answering your prayers, dearest one. This is what you need to overcome in your life at this present moment. Are you standing in your power right now? Are you truly standing your ground or is your faith wavering because of this…again? 

So there you have it!

Strength + Faith + Belief + Courage = Trust + Self-Love

P.S. Please do not do algebra with the equation. It doesn’t work that way! 😉


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