☆ September 26th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Message for the Day:

Today, you are being reminded to eat healthily, dearest ones. For those of you who feel guided to be vegan or vegetarian from an omnivorous appetite, please do keep a positive state of mind. Being a vegan or vegetarian will actually help to elevate your vibrational frequency. For those of you who are not ready for a vegan/vegetarian diet, you are being encouraged to eat more vegetables and fruits — food that grows (according to Louise Hay). Cancel the fast food out of your life today, and take good care of your body, dearest ones. What you eat is what you become! 

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Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours,
Grace Fae


6 thoughts on “☆ September 26th 2014 AngelScope ☆

  1. Trini says:

    Thank you for the mesaage!! I am allready a vegeterian and I have been since I was 11. It was not really for health reasons, I just felt sorry for the lovely animals. They were, and still are, my friends, and I didn’t want to eat my friends!! I think the angels are rather telling me to eat more, I find eating very tiresome, so I dont do it as often as I should. But I think today I feel like eating cake! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Carrot cake!! 🙂

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Ohhh dearest Line… You must definitely eat more! Eating is a blessing, love. The angels are encouraging you to eat eat & eat!! Is it because vegetarian food are more difficult to make? There are tons of awesome easy making vegetarian food recipes on the net. 🙂 Awww you’re so sweet! No wonder the nature beings love you! You have such a kind-hearted and beautiful soul, dearest. Sending so much love, light, sparkles & angel blessings from my heart to yours ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Trini says:

        Thank you! 🙂 ❤ no, I can make quite nice vegeterian food, I dont know why I dont like to eat, its weird…..But yes, I will take the angel's advice and eat more! I still have not eaten anything today, but now I will go right into the kitchen and make something! 🙂 ❤ Lots and lots of Love to you dearest Grace! ❤

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