☆ October 9th 2014 AngelScope ☆


Message for the Day:

Today, there may be some misunderstanding and communication issues between your loved ones, family or friends. Past life issues may creep up as well because of the karmic ties involved. These may highly likely be due to the current mercury retrograde and the effects of the blood moon. For some of you, there may be a loss (e.g. breakups) due to some dishonesty in your relationships. It is suggested that you mourn over this loss for this period of time as this will be extremely healing for you. Know that this is just a transition period, dearest ones. It is indeed temporary. Henceforth, please continue to stay positive — use only positive words and thoughts. Also, call upon your guides and angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking. This will result in a revelation and a new perspective is born. See these as experiences instead of failure, dearest ones. We are on Earth in this lifetime to learn new things. And, this is one of the lessons that you will be going through today. Stay strong and be brave. Remember, ask and is it given!

Numerology Number 1:

Focus on new opportunities and beginnings in a positive & optimistic attitude. Manifest what your heart truly desires. Be impeccable in your words and thoughts today.

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Looking forward to connecting with you soon, dearest ones! 🙂

Sending so much love, light, faerie & angel blessings from my heart to yours,

Grace Fae


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