☆ AngelScope for 4th December 2014 ☆


Message for the Day:

Hold up on what you’re doing, dearest ones! This situation depicts that it isn’t the right time for you to take action right now on whatever you have in mind. The Angels are indicating that there’s a need for balance and harmony between your heart and mind. Are there inner conflicts? What are your considerations? For those who are changing career paths, please do more research about your new company and the location. This process will guide you eventually on the path to success and financial abundance. For those who are thinking about going back to school to study, consider the budget you have, do the necessary research and acquire some knowledge about your studies. In this way, you’ll be able to relieve your mental stress and achieve your goals & desires.

Remember, ask and it is given!

❤ Your Angels ❤

P.S. I do apologize for the absence on WordPress. Also, I’d love to inform you beautiful beings that I’ll not be continuing any readings for this period of time. There has been too many things going on and I need some time for myself. Thank you so much for your understanding & cooperation, dearest ones! 


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