☆ Weekly AngelScope 8th – 14th, Dec 2014 ☆


Opening Message from my Faerie King & Queen:

Dear Faerie friends & lovers, we are here in the Earthly realms to protect, cherish and love you. Thank you so much for protecting Gaia the same way that we are sheltering you. Please extend these contributions to wherever you may be. We would like to invite you to visit us and leave us some greetings be it in the park, gardens or the beaches, etc. We look forward to working with you, hand-in-hand to make this world a better place to live in.

Channeled Message for the Week:

Dearest ones, you may find yourself being insecure about certain matters in life — love, career, education, family, etc. It is perfectly normal to be feeling this way. Please do know that the angels and faeries are with you, guiding & protecting you wherever you are. In order for you to experience divine stability and confidence, seek shelter within yourself first. Your outer world reflects upon what’s on the inside. Henceforth, please take a walk in the park to ground yourself or do a grounding meditation whenever you feel like it. Affirm to yourself that you are secure, safe and loved always.

As we venture into the middle of the week, you are asked to think deeply about your current circumstance. What is my next step? Am I doing this right? What am I learning from this life lesson? Listen to your intuition, dearest ones. You will be able to get the answers when you let your creativity out to play. Henceforth, take some time out to daydream, play or sing & dance. Be silly or even madcap! You may even receive some valuable news on these days! Do not have any expectations on what’s to come. Please simply be open to receiving the information that are coming to you, dearest ones. You may be surprise on what you’d get! 😉

After loads of thinking, you may know what you eventually desire, dearest ones. At the end of the week, ask for what you want & be honest with the Universe. What do I want? Is this truly my heart’s desires? Will I be happy after I choose this? What would someone who love themselves do? Answer these questions honestly and notice the feelings & thoughts that stream into your mind, heart & soul. As the law of attraction take place at this time, allow yourself to take action to manifest what you truly want. Finally, let go and let God. Do not attempt to control the situation, dearest ones. Have confidence in God and know that everything is working out in divine timing & order!

❤ Your Angels ❤

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6 thoughts on “☆ Weekly AngelScope 8th – 14th, Dec 2014 ☆

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awww thank you so much, dearest Pam! :’) It’s definitely nice to be back after a period of time. Here’s your affirmation & message:

      ‘I create my reality with my thoughts.’

      You create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.

      You are being reminded of the law of attraction & the art of manifestation, dear. Please be reminded to always keep a positive mindset no matter the circumstances around you. Your thoughts truly creates your point of attraction, which creates the reality in your world. Have faith, Pam 🙂

      Hope this helps! ❤

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