☆ Weekly AngelScope for 9th – 15th Feb, 2015 ☆

This week is all about TAKING ACTION.

For Monday & Tuesday, please know that you are healing from a traumatic / emotional period during the mercury retrograde, dearest ones. Please know that whatever you’ve gone through are for your personal self-acceptance. The angels are encouraging you to take some time off to balance both work, play & life in this week, particularly these two days.

As for Wednesday & Thursday, there will be a situation regarding your self-confidence. Please try not to be defensive, take pride in your own self-confidence and stay grounded. Be in control of your own emotions and stand in your own truth. That’s all that matters.

What’s coming up this weekend? 😉

Well, the angels are saying that many of you (ladies and some gentlemen out there) are waiting for some kind of proposal coming your way. For those who are attached and are asked to be engaged this coming weekend, please do take note of how you feel towards this proposal. Will you be happy and contented once you accepted his/her proposal? Marriage is a HUGE commitment and it’s up to you if you accept or reject this proposal. Please do know that whatever you’ve decided, you will be very well guided by your true feelings.

For those who are single and are asked to be in a relationship this coming weekend, please do take note of how you feel about being in a relationship as well. Though it’s not as big of a commitment as marriage, yours will still require some form of commitment as well. Notice how your body reacts to the question, “Will you be mine?” Trust & trust your inner guidance, dearest ones. Whatever you’ve decided, know that you are truly guided and you may call upon the angels for guidance and insights whenever and wherever.

Should you have accepted the proposal this weekend, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! ❤

Sending lots of love, angel blessings, faerie sprinkles & big hugs to You,

Grace Fae


4 thoughts on “☆ Weekly AngelScope for 9th – 15th Feb, 2015 ☆

  1. lengar79 says:

    Oh, this makes so much sense. I have been affected badly by the mercury retrograde. Feeling a lot better today. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awww I’m so happy that this helps you to understand your situation better, dearest Belén! Hope you feel even better, brighter & more positive as of today! Sending so much love, angel blessings & miracles to You ❤ xx

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