☯ Ascension – The New Breakthrough ☯

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© Stellarbeam.com ©

The new energy has been coming in crazy over the past few weeks. Have you sensed the craziness too? It was just yesterday that I made myself open to channeling for any guides to come through to give me a few reasons for this circumstance…and guess what?! The very empowering Archangel Metatron came through! His message was short, sweet, simple & truly mesmerising. (I’d post his message in another post so stay tuned! 😉 )

This is the new breakthrough with the ascension. The symptoms of the ascension during this time are mostly nausea, headache, blurry vision and the loss of train of thoughts.

Yes, this is indeed the new wave of spiritual information coming into your energy system, dearest ones. Some of you may feel the subtle changes while others, who are more sensitive to the energies will begin to notice the tremendous changes that are going through your energy body/ auric field/ chakra system. The headache usually follows after a great amount of information flowing into your system. Henceforth, you may feel extreme discomfort especially when you are working, studying or driving. A simple solution to this issue is to drink lots of water.

Nugget of thought: Never underestimate the power of water 😉 

Additionally, please talk to your guides about the overwhelming sensations that you’re going through, dearest ones. It is possible to limit the amount of energetic information that are coming through your crown chakra. If this doesn’t really work for you, you may also visualise a purple flower at the top of your head (where the crown chakra is) and see the petals closing slightly. Allow the energy to come through but limit them whenever you feel overwhelmed.

These are the tools that will aid you in your life both productively & efficiently.

Do you know of any other tools that can help us get through this period in life? Please do share them with us as we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Much love, angel blessings & faerie sprinkles to You,

Grace Fae ❤ 

**P.P.S. Please refrain from doing the visualisation while you’re driving** 


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