❤ True love & Your Ego ❤

“2015 is going to be a really rough year for people relationship-wise because

the energies are forcing us to go through lessons of communication and 
self-expression (how we teach others how to treat us by treating ourselves).”

~ Kailo 

The Angels have urged me to write this post about relationship today.

Initially, I didn’t have faith in a healthy and promising romantic relationship. You may be curious to know why, right? Well, this may be a sensitive topic to touch on. So to prevent you from seeing any negatives, I shall put *** before I type it. Here it goes…***

***Practically, all the guys in my life are unfaithful — infidelity & adultery***  

So yes, I’m very happy to announce that I’m officially in a very healthy and loving relationship with someone whom I’m in love with. (Yay!!!) And yes, I believe that he’s ‘the one’ for me in this lifetime. Although it has been a couple of months into our relationship, there are already so many things that we’ve experienced thus far. Henceforth, I am being called to share my insights and guidance with you on how to maintain a relationship in this rough year! 😉

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Well, it isn’t literally the ‘best relationships’ that usually begin unexpectedly. The unexpected moment is actually the moment when you fall in love with your other half. You wouldn’t really know when you have fallen in love with him/her. Of course, that’s how the best relationship then occurs.

How do you know if you’ve fallen for your other half? It’s super obvious!

1. Butterflies in your stomach literally

2. You feel, act and present yourself in ways that is not your usual self

3. A simple act of gratitude from him/her will cause you to be incredibly happy

4. Stress & physical pain will instantly elevate when you’re with him/her

5. Heart rates sync with each other after 3 minutes

Remember, do not ask when or why because then, the ego will bound to come in to burst your loving bubble! Henceforth, please do take note of this!

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Honestly, it takes two hands to clap in a relationship. If he/she really does love you, they will accept your differences and communicate through your problems even if they are tiny issues. Also if either one of you are more sensitive, please do let your partner know what’s the extent of it. Let him/her be prepared to take on the emotional load from you as well. Acceptance, understanding & communication are the few most important factors to maintain a relationship!

WordPress - True Love & Your Ego

Apart from acceptance & understanding, trust, respect, faith, a healthy amount of vulnerability and communication are the most important factors in the relationship. Of course, praying with your other half is truly something special and totally worth the time! This helps to build faith and trust in the relationship as well! 🙂

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Forgive and heal your heart from the mistakes and egoistical thoughts. Free your heart and mind from the illusions and attachments. Allow yourself to be detached, and let peace & love into your energetic field. However, another EFFECTIVE way to release steam and emotional experiences is…to cry. Give yourself permission to cry heartily. This will enable you to release the block in your heart.


May the love in your heart always win the ego that’s within your mind! 🙂

Sending so much love, light, angel blessings & faerie sparkles to You,

Grace Fae

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