☆ Weekly 16th March, 2015 Angel Card Reading ☆

Intense energies are coming up for us this week, dearest ones. The beautiful Archangel Raphael will be guiding us throughout the difficulties and challenges that we are going through this week. Please do call upon AA Raphael to guide and assist you on your journey to a higher purpose in life. Remember to also find the solutions to your problems — be rational and step into your own power. Do not be distracted and led away from your highest purpose in life, dearest ones! In addition, this week is a really great week for a transition in career & relationships! Henceforth, please stay positive and have faith about your future. Please do take note that worries will only bring your energies down. Therefore, pick yourself up by using positive affirmations and set positive intentions for yourself this week!

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours,

Grace Fae

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2 thoughts on “☆ Weekly 16th March, 2015 Angel Card Reading ☆

  1. amethystsun says:

    Raphael is one of the closest Archs I work with (along with Michael) I think those too are also very close to us Humans because they tend to come through very often. Thank you for your insight ❤ Kind regards from Vienna (Austria) Kartenlegen Wien

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Oh yes indeed. Archangels Michael & Raphael are always guiding us (especially those who are healers or intuitives) ! Awww you’re most welcome, dearest Kartenlegen. Thank you so much for watching the video! :’) Much love & big hugs to You ❤ xx

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