☸ The Intuitive Journey – Magic of Nature ☸

© 2015 Grace Fae ©

© 2015 Grace Fae ©

The Faeries have urged me to have a weekend off with tons of Vitamin D and Salt Water. Although it was an extremely humid day, it didn’t deter our spirits at all!

Being in a tiny Red Dot makes me feel so blessed when I get to spend time in the nature as well as living in the modern architecture. Honestly, I took the parks and beaches for granted previously just because I thought that they were man-made. But truthfully, there aren’t any big differences between man-made parks and natural parks. Beaches are still beaches, and parks are still parks. These places are simply filled with abundance of green-leafy trees and clean beaches!

Here are a few pictures that my boyfriend & I have taken while we were basking in the magic of nature!


© 2015 Grace Fae


© 2015 Grace Fae


© 2015 Grace Fae


© 2015 Grace Fae

Magic of Nature truly healed us both — emotionally, spiritually as well as mentally.  As I write the previous sentence, I’ve realised that this post was actually a deja vu. It has appeared in my dreams before. Okay, this is so cool…

Anyway, I have been guided by the angels and my beautiful faery King & Queen guides to encourage & inspire you lovely beings to get out into the nature and connect with your element!

What are you waiting for, dearest ones?

 Go out & smell the roses today! 

Sending so much love, light, angel blessings & faeries sparkles to You ☽

P.S. Here’s your weekly Angel Oracle Card Reading for this week! Hope you enjoy!


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