☼ Weekly April 27th, 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading ☼

Archangel Michael is here with us for this week! He is encouraging us to ground ourselves. Grounding ourselves is also a form of being in the present moment. Henceforth, when you stay in the present, you wouldn’t worry about the future or think about the past. You are simply being Yᴏᴜ at that moment. This is also a really great week to do Yin Yoga — it helps with reflections, gratitude and contemplations in your life (from the recent past to the present). Additionally, dancing helps to ground yourself as well! Archangel Michael is asking us to get our grooves on this week as well! Please do call upon Him to cut any lower and negative cords on you, dearest ones.

Furthermore, there will be new opportunities coming this week! Yay!! Some of you may discover what your life purpose truly is, some of you may be promoted, and others may receive miracles in your life! Whatever it is, please remember to stay grounded, thankful and positive, dearest ones. Overall, this week is a really positive and beautiful week! Hope you have a loving and miraculous week ahead, dearest beautiful Earth Angels! Ü

♡ Sending so much love, light, angel blessings & faerie sparkles to You ♡


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