☸ Updates on NewAgeLove ☸

Dearest beautiful Earth Angels,

It has been a looong while since I’ve updated this blog. There has been so many things going on and phew~ I am so glad that the waves of calmness and serenity are finally here.

Just a few weeks back, I was on a Vacation to a beautiful island called Bali. The beaches were so clean and everyone was so friendly over there. Most of the people whom I spoke to were able to speak fluent but simple English. It was one of the most heart-warming place that I have ever been to. The Four days in Bali were absolutely fruitful and memorable.


I’ve had the privilege to lounge on the beautiful beach couch! It was so comfortable that I fell asleep after reading two chapters of my book! You can totally imagine how comfortable that really was! ✌


Of course, I’ve also managed to capture some nature moments while vacationing over there! Squirrels & birds are my favourite! Ü

Time truly flies when you’re having fun. And shortly after I came back from the trip, I fell incredibly ill. High fever (40 degree celcius) haunted me for the next 5 days after the vacation. Eventually, I had to settle for a drip in the General Hospital. At that point in time, all of my bodily system shut down — including my intuition. I no longer had the strength or energy to even look at the time on my phone. That was how seriously ill I was. It was a shock, but hey…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? ﭢ


Then again, life was awesome after gradually recovering from my serious flu episode. My boyfriend’s family invited me to the S.E.A. Aquarium at Sentosa! I was super excited for this trip because I get to see the dolphins & jelly fish! 🐬


Isn’t it beautiful? 🐬


Last but not least, I can’t wait to upload videos once again! It has been so long since I’ve last uploaded a video. Hopefully, I can upload the June forecast before the mid week arrives!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these updates that I’ve deliciously prepared for you, dearest ones! Ü

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to You,

Grace Fae

P.S. I have fully recovered and my connection with the angelic beings is back 98%! Henceforth, please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop for private readings! Look forward to connecting with you soon, dearest one! ❤

[ All pictures: © 2015 Grace Fae ]


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