☆ Weekly June 15th, 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading ☆

This week, we will be focusing on “Energy flows where intention goes!” Henceforth, you are being encouraged to focus on ONE thing instead of scattering your energy everywhere. Also, you are being called to listen to your gut feelings this week, dearest ones. Be thankful for whatever you have & please call upon Archangel Sandalphon to balance your emotions this week. Be willing to open your heart this week — H2H conversations with your loved ones, colleagues, etc.

Furthermore, Archangel Michael is here to allow us to release all that no longer serves us. He encourages you to do some space clearing this week. Essential oils are awesome tools to lift your home / workplace’s energetic vibrations! Your visions, dreams and perspectives are expanding this week. You have rested enough last week, and this week enables you to dream BIG!

As you go through the week, Archangel Hanael is here to give you hope, willpower and motivation. She says, “Everything that you need is within you, dearest ones.” Please do call upon her before you go into meditation this week. She will preserve your faith, hope & ground you to your visions. AA Hanael will reassure you of your path, dearest ones.

At the end of the week, Archangel Raphael asks you to write down everything that no longer serves you on a piece of paper. Thereafter, please do call upon AA Raphael to be with you as you burn away the piece of paper. This action will enable an energetic clearing / cleansing for you — mind|body|spirit.

Last but not least, POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS will uplift your spirits this week!

Hope that this reading will bring you guidance and insights into your week ahead, dearest ones Ü

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to Yours


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