☸ Your True Life Purpose ☸

© dontgiveupworld.com

© dontgiveupworld.com

Have you ever felt lost?

It seems like you don’t know what you are meant to do in this world. You don’t know what you can do to make the world a better place. You felt like you are meant to be someone big. You are being put here to bring positivity to the world. yes, you are stuck here, waiting…

Apart from that, EVERYONE around you seemed to be SO sure of what they are about to do, or they are already doing what they love right now. Yet, you are still here waiting, stressing, worrying and cursing yourself for being useless, worthless, and hopeless.

Yes, everyone has those days. And that includes me as well.

Through the ‘time-off’, my life purpose has changed gradually over time. I no longer am the person that I used to be. I no longer liked the things that I do. I no longer want to be associated with the things that no longer served me in my life.

I crave changes now more than ever. I commit myself to daily positive acts. I create my dreams step-by-step through small & big actions.

Now, many of you have asked me this question, “What am I meant to do in this lifetime?”

I have always asked the angels this question. And their answer is always the same.


Honestly, LOVE is the answer. Love is such a generic and broad word, but it is indeed your life purpose. Still, many of you would still be lost & confused about where to go, how to react & when to take action.

So how can YOU truly know what’s your life purpose at the different spiritual growth stages?

Get out of your comfort zone & explore positive adventures — Do what you’ve never done before. What do (the new) you feel like doing? 

Be committed to stay positive during the transition period — Use positive affirmations daily, ground yourself through breathing exercises / meditation, exercising, yoga stretching, etc.  

Look out for signs — Does this appeal to you? How does your body react? Is there synchronicity about a certain thing? Is this strongly resonating with you? Will you feel happy doing it even after 6 months? 

Stay present in your thoughts & feelings — Do not allow egoistic thoughts or external influences to sway your decisions once you’ve found what you truly love (protect yourself in a bubble of white light). 

Spread the love~ Be loved. Be loving. Be love. 

You have found your life purpose — You will thus experience security, balance, confidence, respect, self-expression, positivity & divine inspirations! Hooray! 

Henceforth, you are never truly lost in this world, dearest ones. You are just confused and there’s a need to seek approval from elsewhere. Thus, allow yourself to sit in the throne & make your own decisions. Trust that you have the ability to make your own decisions, dearest ones. As you make decisions, even the smallest ones, it will build your comfort & confidence to make even greater & better decisions for yourself in time to come!

Therefore, have faith, stay positive & be merciful on yourselves, dearest beautiful Earth Angels.

Until then,

Stay blessed, beautiful & shine brightly always 


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