☀ Weekly July 6th, 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading ☀

This week is all about happily ever after! Who doesn’t love happily-ever-afters right? Well, you may be feeling way too happy until you start to doubt yourself, dearest ones. You are being encouraged to trust your intuition this week by using visualisation. See yourself overcoming ALL the obstacles coming your way. See yourself being successful in everything you do. Archangel Gabriel is coming through to guide you against blaming yourself (past hurt, regret, situations, etc.) as well. Positive affirmations & reassurance will be very beneficial to you this week! Tailor-made your affirmations to suit your needs / issues, dearest ones! These will definitely keep you in a positive state of mind. Remember, ask and it is given! Your guides & angels are always here for you when you call upon them!

→ The Best Is Yet To Come ←

P.S. The app that I’ve mentioned in the video: OMVANA ت

Yours truly @ your service ❤


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