☸ August 2015 Angel Oracle Forecast ☸

This month, we will be focusing on our inner truth — retreat, heal & delve into our heart’s true desires. There is an emphasis on releasing the old you to become the new & deserving YOU! It’s time for you to know & understand yourself better, dearest ones. The Faeries are encouraging you to raise your standards (become your best self) by taking small action steps. Move towards your dreams, dear ones. It’s time for you to really move forward fearlessly! You may need to take some time to go out into nature / have a vacation near the waters to connect with yourself.  Of course, water bodies are awesome healing tools for detoxification of our emotions!

For relationship matters, there may be an some misunderstandings & arguments. This stems from being in different frequencies. This will truly be a time of faith, trust and communication in relationships. Relationships will most likely either ‘make or break’ this month. Henceforth, please be conscious of it. Pray & stay positive even if things aren’t going your way, dearest ones. In the near future, I’ll be posting some tools to get through some miscommunication / different frequencies on this blog. So stay tuned! Ü

☮ Much love, light & angel blessings to You ☮


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