☺ BONUS: Weekend August 14th – 17th, 2015 Reading ☺

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On Friday, the Angels are encouraging us to make use of our innate spiritual gifts, dearest ones. This day is a beautiful day to manifest your heart’s desires through the art of visualisation. The New Moon is especially powerful in helping you to let go of the old, therefore ushering in the new energy to you! Moreover, it’s the hungry ghost festival — starting today — in the lunar calendar. You may even call upon your most trusted highest most loving ancestor to get you through the month! Talk to them even if you can’t feel, see, hear, smell or sense them. For some of you, you may experience some awakenings of your third eye, as this is a powerful energy coming through. Be gentle with yourself today by doing some gentle exercises and yoga.

On Saturday, you are encouraged to speak up! Yes, you have a voice within you that is ready to shine. Express yourself in whatever ways that you can, dearest ones. No matter how you present yourself, make sure you are standing in your own power and bringing light to the world. By staying positive & spreading love from within, you are therefore lifting up the Gaia’s vibrational frequency. This helps to aid in bringing peace and love to the world, subconsciously. Praying will help you uplift your spirit as well as others today! Henceforth, pray, bless & let love be the beacon on this beautiful day! Moreover, many of you will be receiving angelic information through your dreams, insights, daydreams and meditations. So, stay tuned!

On Sunday, you may need to take a breather for your spirit has been enthusiastic and excited the day before, receiving information pouring through your crown chakra. This is truly a day to relax, have some tea, do some yin yoga & do some reflections for throughout the week. What have you done for yourself? Did you help others? What are you grateful for? Is there anything that you need to improve on in the coming week? These are some of the questions that you may need to ask yourself at the end of the day, before you turn in. This will help you to set an intention for the coming week, allowing you to become aware of your decisions in both your heart & mind. Jot down on your journal, acknowledge your emotions & set your creativity free. You may be surprised with what you can achieve in the coming week!

Have a blessed & miraculous weekend, dearest beautiful earth angels!


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