☸ BONUS: August 19, 2015 Angel Oracle Reading ☸


I was strongly guided to draw 5 cards for you from Healing With The Fairies deck by Doreen Virtue this morning. So, here it is!

How do you desire to make your life better, dearest one? Are you making any progress from day 1 till now? Is commitment in your dictionary at the moment? If not, then it’s time for you to nurture yourself, dearest ones. This is a good day to feed your soul with some rest, exercise or play-day. What do you desire right now? Tune into your heart & listen… Make plans & free your time to do the things that you love. If you feel nudges from the angels, take the action instantly! These will further guide you towards your goals, manifestations as well as dreams.

The Faeries would also like to remind you that laughter is the best medicine in the whole wide world! Relax yourself today, have some fun & laugh always, dearest ones. Free some time out to watch some comedy shows or tell a joke to your loved ones. Laughter doesn’t only lift your vibrational energetic frequencies, it also helps to make you look younger than you truly are! This will in turn make you feel more confident & comfortable in your body.

Henceforth, allow your soul to have fun today! Laugh more, act silly & stay younger!

Of course, please do feel free to call upon your angels & guides for further guidance, insights as well as assurance! Remember, ask & it is given Ü

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to You ♡



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