☸ September 2015 Angel Oracle Soul Reading ☸

Archangel Zaphkiel is here in the romantic September! Wheee~ He brings in passion, love of life & romance to our lives this month. Engagements, proposals & retreats are definitely in the cards this September as well. Archangel Zaphkiel definitely encourages solid foundation in everything you do this month, regardless of career, relationships and studies. Passion is key! Not to forget, energy flows where the intention goes. Henceforth, please keep your vibrational frequencies high by staying positive, dearest ones! One way to keep your energies high is to be child-like. If something goes wrong this month, cry or laugh it off. Thereafter, move on! Call upon Archangel Zaphkiel this month for more guidance, insights & protection, dearest ones.

Remember, ask & it is given! Ü

If you’d like a personalised reading, please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop !

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings ♡


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