RIP Dr. Wayne W. Dyer



Dr. Wayne W. Dyer had been a magnificent man, living an extraordinary life in this lifetime. Hay House is now making The Shift free for 7 days till 8th September, 2015!

After watching The Shift, I really felt the changes within my energetic field. Honestly, I’ve even felt Dr. Dyer here with me, healing my soul as I watched it. This movie was splendid and came to me in divine timing!

Henceforth, if you’ve never heard of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer before or are curious about him, here’s a chance for you to truly witness one of his profound ‘Dao’ teachings in The Shift. Be prepared to be magically transformed in this movie!

Sending all of my love, light & angel blessings to You ♡

RIP to one of the greatest man on Earth – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer 🙏


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