☽ Weekly September 14th 2015 Angel Oracle Soul Reading ☾

Archangel Gabriel is here with us this week! He is helping those who are having writer’s blocks — especially those who are writing storybooks for children.

So the question to ponder upon this week…

How are you expressing your truth this week? Communication is very important, so you may want to do some blogging, writing, journalling or talk to your friends about your desires and story. Also, the angels are asking you not to push yourself too hard. Have compassion and mercy on yourself this week, dearest ones. Whenever you feel jealous or envy another’s path, tell yourself that you are on your own path and they’re on theirs. You are doing your best every step of the way. Allow yourself to commit to this affirmation and go with the flow, dearest ones. You will find that you will have more strength, courage and motivation to complete what you’ve planned for yourself.

Of course, the angels are also encouraging you to relax. Remember to breathe, dearest ones. Please remember that breath is your life-force energy. Whenever you feel the negative vibrations creeping up on you, BREATHE. All you have to do is breathe through those tough moments, and you’re good to go. Not to forget, give yourself a break from all that you’ve done! The decrease in energies this week are due to the recent New Moon that is still lingering in the air. So, do not panic, doubt or rush! Have fun, breathe, retreat & relax!

Last but not least, take back your power. Strive to be your true self this week! You may feel tired and drained, but you’re still in your energy. Do not allow any lower or negative energies to cloud your own judgment. Set your intention. Find solitude should you need some insights or guidance, and stay clam always!

Please do call upon Archangel Gabriel to connect with your truth lovingly, dearest ones.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading!


IMG_0998  IMG_1005

P.S. Look who decided to join us during our reading! There are other beautiful friends who joined us in the video as well! Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s reading! 


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