☯ Lessons: Blessings in Disguise ☯


Blessings in disguise are often the most challenging lesson that we’ll experience.

For me, my relationships were definitely spiralling downwards. For many others, they are awakening to their higher selves. We are all going through extreme spiritual evolvement / awakening from August to September. There are many lessons to be learnt, and right decisions to be made.

The angels are encouraging us to find the positivity or blessings in the challenges and lessons. Thereafter, pray for the situation and bless the people involved (including yourself). Of course, when I’ve mentioned the right decisions, it’s indeed the decisions made from your higher self. Align yourself with kindness, compassion and mercy, dearest ones. Respond with these loving attributes, and bless those who have hurt you with their actions or words. Be the bigger person. Forgive and forget. When you do this, you are spiritually aligning with the Divine. This causes the Law of Attraction to be in favour with you. This thus aligns with you with higher vibrational energetic frequencies!

So always remember, positive attracts positive!

Henceforth, think positive, stay calm & be thankful always! ♡




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