Endings & Beginnings

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© Inhabitots.com ©

Freedom and flow have been coming up in the cards as I shuffle them.

This is truly a time to set yourself free of those invisible chains and self-limiting beliefs.

Why have you been feeling this I-want-to-breakaway-but-I-can’t ?

That’s because you have put yourself in a victimising position. Your ego is acting up and you are indeed reacting instead of responding.

In addition, mercury retrograde has us all tongue-tied. Communication will not be of the same frequencies, and this often leads to arguments. Please do note that the communication referred here also means that communication within yourself will also be messed up. You heart and mind will not be at the same alignment should you decide to go against the flow.

How can you truly experience Divine flow then?

Well, my guides are suggesting to go with your heart. When you can’t truly decide what you want, follow your heart, dearest ones. The answer is simple. Do not try to drag drama into your life anymore. It’s time for you to make a decision, gather strength and courage to just stand up for your happiness, and take action towards your higher self.

More often than not, we are taught to go into Business because we can make good money. Furthermore, we are taught to behave like our siblings just because they are doing the socially right decisions. Also, there are times when we are taught to follow others’ path because they are successful.

If you were to always be in another’s shoes, how are you going to find your own fit?

Will you ever be successful living in somebody else’s shadows?

What if success doesn’t come easy for you when you take another’s path and you ended up being despised and abandoned?

Henceforth, this message is for all of us who needs to break out of our shells. We need our freedom — to take back our power, build a solid foundation, and reach towards our heart’s true desires.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your past & hello to your future?

As the folks always say, “An ending will give rise to a new beginning.”

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to step up to your own power?

Are you ready to create a life of your own desires?

Are you ready to say YES to more opportunities and NO to others?

Yes yes yes! 

I hereby wish you guys all the best, stay strong, lean towards your spirit & strive forward!

You know you can do it! ϡ

Sending so much love, courage, light & angel blessings to each & every one of you!

You have no idea how proud I am to be here with you on this journey!

Stay blessed & Namasté everyone

P.S. I will be giving away 3 free readings to those who is willing to share about your personal endings and beginnings currently! First 3 people who comment will get a personal individualised Soul Coaching Oracle 3-Card Reading from me! All the best! 


4 thoughts on “Endings & Beginnings

  1. emoodydotcom says:

    I’ve had one of your readings before but thought I’d share anyway. I can relate to the communication issues. There’s been some friction in a particular relationship + never share my feelings or thoughts really which causes a lot of internal conflict. Maybe one beginning can be to try and be more true to myself and share more. It can help me to end a bit of conflict and maybe help me see where I need to go. End to feeling trapped and begin to feel more free.

  2. emoodydotcom says:

    I’ve received this reading not too long ago but I’ll share anyway. At the moment I’ve had friction in a certain relationship + feel a bit trapped by it. One thing I hope to end is this feeling and start expressing more of what I want. There’s other possibilities but if I start heading this way maybe I won’t feel so directionless. Timely post – cause have definitely been feeling that way myself 🙂

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