Surrendering: 6 practices for a peaceful day


Hi Sweet Peas,

Lately, there have been so many fellow friends with self-worth issues updating their Facebook posts with their personal stories and then ending with an affirmation. Have you noticed that too?

Somehow, this is what most of us still do nowadays. We crave approval. We crave love. We crave attention.

Approval. Love. Attention.

These three beautiful words have a thing in common — they stem from fear because we crave them.

With these fear-based energies lingering around, they lead to attachment cords hanging onto our energetic bodies and opening to our auric field. These cause the drainage of energy from another being to us — which very often lead to exhaustion, annoyance, frustration and depression. (Notice the BIG words!) When that happens, toxic thought patterns start appearing. You will then become extremely lethargic, hopeless, and victimised.

Very easily, we fall back into the same negative pattern. Again…

We, humans, do not understand why this kept happening, and we begin to blame everything and everyone else, instead of trying to understand what is happening to us.

It’s perfectly normal that you’re scared and at times want to take your steam off elsewhere. Only when you’re conscious of it, then you’ll get back up again effortlessly!


So here are some tips for you: –

|| Set a morning routine ||

It is very important that you start your day with a great mindset. You can go forth with meditation practice, yoga session, or a walk around your neighbourhood. But if you’re like me and do not have enough time in the morning to do these, then I’d suggest that you go with a blessing. Bless your day as soon as your feet hit the ground when you awake. You can say something like, “Thank you for a blessed, healthy and beautiful day today. I love you, sweet Grace.” 

Trust me, this blessing itself will make your day so much better!

|| Create self-care regime ||

You need your sacred alone time. This is especially so when you have a stressful or busy day ahead. If you do not have additional time, then make your shower or bath in the morning the sacred timing. Take this time to yourself, do not rush, and allow yourself to think positive thoughts. Thinking positive will allow you to feel positive. This is another way to start your bright & beautiful morning, to get you going positively for the rest of your day despite the circumstances!

|| Read positive affirmations ||

Most of us can get caught up in our homework, meetings, emails, and agendas, etc. So before you start doing these very productive but stressful stuff, why not take a moment to simply relax and scroll through some amazing affirmations while sipping on a hot cup of coffee? Know that reading the news loaded with natural disasters, chaos, and politics are not going to get our spirits up. Instead, they will only drag our energies down. Henceforth, google some positive affirmations to start your day. If they resonate with you, then great! Keep it with you throughout your day. When you get too stressed up, think about it and smile. Of course if you have an affirmation card app, it’s even better! There are so many to choose from in your app store, just choose them intuitively.

|| Set goals for the next day ||

What do you plan to achieve in the next day? Love, resilience, strength, willpower, joy, or positivity? Write down your goals on the night before to allow your subconscious to sink in before you head to bed. This will get you started with a positive mindset intuitively! Thereafter, reflect upon your actions at the end of the day and review. Did you commit to what you’ve asked yourself to do on the night before?

|| Be conscious & change ||

This is the most crucial part, which requires extra effort and commitment to grow. It’s very easy to get lost in all the work that we have during the day. It’s also very easy to fall back in to the same negative pattern again. Henceforth, this requires a lot of strength, positivity and courage.

Whenever someone annoys the tooot out of you, your emotions are already affected. Thereafter, your thoughts starts to become really negative. You will tend to want to get back at them or you feel really uneasy. This trick definitely works — breathe. Breath is your life force energy! Imagine you’re inhaling love into your cells and your body, and slowly exhale all the toxin energies from within your body. Do this for as many times as you need to, and you’ll feel a shift in your energy instantly.

As you disconnect your emotions from your thoughts, start to reframe your negative mindset.

Negative thought: Why can’t she just keep her mouth shut? She’s sooooo annoying. 

[Reframed] Positive thought: Maybe she doesn’t have anyone to talk to at home. She may be having a hard time in life as well. 

|| Be compassionate & merciful ||

With your change in mindset, you will then see in a bigger picture and realise that he is causing no harm at all. But in the case of bully, I’d suggest that you report to someone with authority and then disconnect your emotions from the person. At some time in point, understand that someone may be hurting really deeply inside. Learn to be compassionate, merciful and loving. Who knows? This may someday be your saviour in the future!

Hope these guidance & tips help, dearest sweet peas! Ü

Have a beautiful, loving, & miraculous week ahead!


2 thoughts on “Surrendering: 6 practices for a peaceful day

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Hi The Rare Ruby,

      Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is empowering to girls especially! I’ll definitely be following you on my personal blog. 🙂

      Take care & stay awesome always,
      Grace Fae ❤

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