3 steps to inviting miracles into your life

© Emotional Healing System

© Emotional Healing System

What are miracles?

Miracles are magical phenomena that cannot be scientifically proven. It generally occurs to people who are vibrating at high vibrational frequencies (e.g. gratitude, joy, peace, etc.). More often than not, miracles often tie in with luck and synchronicity. This thus causes everything to happen according to Divine will in a smooth, easy and effortless manner.

How can you invite miracles into your life?

Firstly, miracles do not normally occur just like that. The Angels encourage you to call the energy of miracles in to your life. It is simply through staying positive, keeping the faith and believing that all is well. Saying is easy, isn’t it? Attitude is most important in this phase. Uplifting your vibrational energetic frequencies take time, and it is ultimately up to you to live in either fear or love. Of course, the latter is a definite answer to inviting miracles to you!

Secondly, miracles requires some hard work from you. Besides having the right mindset, you are also asked to do some work. For example, the Angels will nudge you towards a more spiritual lifestyle, healthier diet, or even guide you towards an exercise regime. All of these will require you to take a negative detox. This will help you to release all the lower and negative (toxic) energies from within your body. A healthier lifestyle requires you to move your body! In other words, this is a physical way of detoxification. Please do note, however, that this will only work when it’s a long-term commitment. Henceforth, transmuting your energies will enable your energy level to rise and invite miracles into your life easily and effortlessly! *Dreams will be manifested almost instantly too!* 

Last but not least, pray for a miracle. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal type pf prayer. You may call upon God, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Faeries, or your Guides, etc. and ask them to bring miracles into your life. Yes, this is another form of asking. Remember what I’ve always mentioned in the past? Ask and it is given, dear ones. When you are open to receiving, that’s when the magic happens!

Hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about miracles, sweet peas! The faeries have guided me to write this post so as to allow you to better understand what miracles are and how you can invoke them into your lives!

With that said, I truly pray that each and everyone of you have a miraculous, beautiful & blessed weekend ahead!

From my heart to yours,

Namasté ♡


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