Happy Holidays + Full Moon in Gemini

Happy Holidays Sweet Peas!

I’m so excited because it’s the thanksgiving period! It’s the start of the countdown towards Christmas too!! This is such a wonderful time to be living on Earth!

What’s more?  The full moon in Gemini is happening tomorrow! Are you ready for it, dear ones?

Honestly, the energies this week are so intense that they are driving me crazy!

Have you felt it too?

The past emotions — guilt, pain, hurt, hate, love, etc. — just rush into your mind and knock the wind out of you. You feel overwhelmed, lost, scared and anxious. These are the common symptoms that you will feel when you have pent up emotions within you. Yes, we do not discount the past lives’ experiences as well. By hook or by crook, healing needs to take place right this instant. Henceforth, this is a perfect time (excuse) to take time out, breathe, meditate, ground, and explore YOU!

Astrology will help you to better understand the Moon and its effects towards you. Henceforth, I am sharing Tanishka’s work with you to let you have a better understanding of how Full Moon in Gemini is working towards or against you.

So the main objective during such a transit is to identify whether your mind needs more stimulation or more relaxation.

As Tanishka mentions in her Astro Oracle, “If you are lacking in mental stimulation, you will lack things to talk about, feel bored often & seek external stimulus to entertain you, rather than books, documentaries, short courses or discussion groups which challenge you to question what you thought to be true. Those who fall into this category run the risk of dumbing down their mental potential due to an environment which offers no new ideas.

If you are in need of mental relaxation, chances are you multi-task throughout your day & expect yourself to be ON most of the time, like a fast processing computer with many tabs open. This can create a mania, which is an addictive high which ultimately fries our nervous system & results in us being less efficient & making errors which can cost us in more ways than one. To balance this kind of frenetic mental state as a default setting, one needs to adopt meditation practices, read poetry or fiction to unwind or play games which help the mind to loosen up.”

Those with a lot of Gemini or air planets in their natal chart will find this balance is crucial to maintaining mental health.

Full Moon in Gemini

Image from: MysticBlueCruises

Hope you’ve enjoyed this special post, sweet peas!

Please make full use of the information provided above to help you get through the intense Full Moon in Gemini. These energies will definitely be staying 3 days before the full moon, during and after. Henceforth, please be conscious of your emotions in these days.

Have a blessed, beautiful & miraculous week, Everyone!

Namasté ♡

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays + Full Moon in Gemini

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awwww you’re most welcome, dearest Anaiyah! :’) It’s good that you’re aware of your body & what it needs. Taking time out to rest & rejuvenate is the best decision that you’ll always ever make! Hooray to taking a self mental health day! 😀 Sending so much love, light & Angel blessings to You ❤ xxx

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