3 Tips to Rise & Shine in the Morning!

Hello sweetie pies,

I’d like to start off by admitting that I have trouble getting up for school every morning at 6am.  I am almost too sure that the majority of us aren’t able to get up in the early morning as well.  We’d either have to wake up for work, school or for some appointments that we rather not be there for. So here are some of the tips that worked for me thus far!

  1. Plan the following week on a Sunday

Never procrastinate especially on a Sunday morning. If it’s possible to get your things ready before you head out to shop or run errands, then do it.  You will be exhausted by the time you come back in the evening.  If you’re back home early before dinner time, then you have the time to relax before a hectic week starts.

But if you’re in freelance or an entrepreneur, then Kudos to you!  Being your own boss is a motivation in itself.  Hence why you can wake up for something you’re passionate about everyday! 😛

2.  Create a purpose to wake up every morning

What motivates you to wake up every morning?   Is it a cup of hot coffee or tea?  Your meditation, fitness or yoga routine?  Is it MacDonald breakfast?  Are you going to get yourself a nice round muffin for breakfast at your favourite bakery?  Think of something that you’ll be excited to wake up to. I guarantee that you’ll want to wake up even before your alarm sounds!c

3.  Call on your Angels to wake you up & bless your day

If all else fails & you really dread waking up in the morning for school or work…then this will help you!  Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit this.  I do ask the angels to be my alarm clock every morning before my alarm goes.  I really dislike the alarm as my ears are pretty sensitive to sounds early in the morning.  I’m sure many of you beautiful souls are like that as well!  Henceforth, remember to set a time to get up (mentally) before you sleep & let the angels know of your intentions.  They will definitely wake you up by that time — give or take a few minutes.  Every person may encounter different experiences in regards to this.

Moreover, call on the strength of your guides & angels to guide you throughout the day in loving assertiveness!  Ask God & the angels to bless your day right after you wake up.  Believe in the blessing & move on with the day.  You may tend to feel uplifted & be reminded to stay high vibrationally no matter the circumstances.

What do you think of these tips?

Do you have any other angelic ‘waking up’ strategies in the morning when you’re struggling to awake?

Please feel free to share, sweet pies! I’d love to hear from you! Ü

Much love, light & angel blessings to You!



2 thoughts on “3 Tips to Rise & Shine in the Morning!

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Wow!! You’re superb, dearest Irene! :’) I wish that I can get up that early to do my daily routine so that I won’t have to rush out of house to catch the bus. Thank you so much for commenting & sharing with us your usual wake-up time! ❤ xx

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