Valentine Gone Weary~

IMG_0724Dear Sweet Peas

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

I’ve had the privilege to take a hiatus from everything (school, family, relationship, blogging, etc.). My studies, especially, has taken my entire mind, heart and soul. Henceforth, I am truly sorry for being MIA for so long. It has been tough juggling with (basically) everything. But, I’m keeping positive! 🙂

A week ago, I took a plane to Australia, particularly Melbourne and Sydney. Honestly, the cities were beautiful. The picture above was taken at the Twelve Apostles in Phillip Island, Melbourne. The scenery was truly breathtaking, don’t you think?

I’d like to say that my Valentine’s day was romantic, but nope…it was beyond traumatising. Melbourne was fine, but Sydney was an entire different level of ‘fine’.

We stayed at The Grace Hotel. Once I stepped into the hotel, the fine hairs at my back stood upright. It was intuition shouting at me that this hotel wasn’t ‘clean’. My mind was screaming, OH GOSHHH, GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! 

Unfortunately, it was too late due to the tour group’s schedule and fixed accommodation. We’re doomed. And indeed, I was right. ‘They’ disturbed me because it was ‘fun’ (I’ll excuse you from the disturbing parts). I was scared shitless! I could vividly remember the scene that happened. And of course, the number 622 will always be remembered.

From that night onwards, I could hardly sleep a wink. My appetite was low and everything just became really dull to me. Sydney became blacklisted in my entire being. So you can imagine my Valentine morning. Fearful, dreadful and extremely traumatised. Thank God that we didn’t have to spend another day there!

So that was what happened during my trip to Australia — the most frightening & dreadful experience ever.

I’m back and feeling better now. Slowly recuperating my poor soul.

But whatever my story is, I do hope that you’ve had a sweet & wonderful Valentine’s day, sweet peas!

Sending You so much love, light & angel blessings!

Namasté ♡


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