The Benefits of Dry Brushing


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Hi Sweet Peas,

Have you ever tried dry body brushing before?

My new inspiration comes from the famous Aussie SuperModel, Miranda Kerr.

During the downtime that I’ve had, my Soul was craving for everything healthy — organic food, juice cleanse, herbal teas, essential oils, yoga, and dry body brushing.

Dry body brushing? What exactly is that?!

 According to Jodie Smith,

Dry body brushing is a traditional natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin dry, followed by a shower or bath.

A lot of benefits of dry body brushing are not necessarily something you can only see… but also what you feel. My clients tell me they feel energised after brushing and the reason for that is body brushing stimulates our circulatory system. Dry body brushing stimulates the connective tissue attached to the capillaries sitting under the skin, to improve circulation travelling to the heart. It also assists the lymphatic flow around the body. The lymph relies on muscle movement to pass through the body so if you are not an active person, dry body brushing is a wonderful tool to stimulate the lymph flow so that you are ridding the body of waste and toxins daily.

Although many websites recommend dry brushing twice daily, I dry brush only once daily in the morning before I shower.  It has been two weeks since I started doing dry brushing and I’d honestly say that my skin does glow.  What’s best was the gradually fading stretch marks on my thighs and knees!  I’m literally in awe with that!

But before you start dry brushing, please do take note that NOT ALL brushes are suitable for dry brushing.  The highly recommended brush is made up of plant bristles.  I’ve gotten myself a Tampico Skin Brush from Yerba Prima.

With everything comes precautions as well!

Check out the KORA Organics website to learn more about dry brushing!

I’m still reaping those benefits! 😉

Let me know if you’ve tried dry brushing before and how it went! I’d love to hear from you!

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings,

Grace Fae ♡



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