SuperMoon Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

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Hi Sweet Peas,

How are the energies of the supermoon solar eclipse treating you these days?  Do you feel the urge to release anything that no longer catches your eye and simplify your life as much as possible?  If you do, know that this is part and parcel of this amazing solar eclipse.

Usually, solar eclipse brings out the subconscious and unconscious from within us to the surface.  It acts as a ‘vacuum cleaner’ per say.  Henceforth, please do not feel puzzled when you do feel scared, anxious, nervous, frustrated when there is truly nothing for you to be *insert emotions*.  This is a period of clearing so that the new can be invited into your energetic body with ease and flow!

Below is an article written by a famous Wealth-Astro Numerologist, Tania Gabrielle.

Please enjoy, absorb the information & allow the guidance to lead you to a peaceful period of the supermoon solar eclipse! 😉

We’re about to experience a powerful Total Solar Eclipse.

It signifies the end of a cycle and the beginning of a richly rewarding period in your life. 

This highly dynamic eclipse activates nearly every planet and happens on March 8/9 in mystical Pisces, the final sign of the Zodiac.

Joining the Sun and Moon Total Eclipse in Pisces are Mercury, Neptune (ruler of Pisces), Chiron and the South Node. What a huge emphasis on the water sign of Pisces, symbolizing spiritual discoveries, compassion, dreams and mysticism.

Sun and Moon will be at 18° in Pisces exactly opposite Jupiter at 18° in Virgo. And Uranus is ALSO at 18° in Aries on that day!

  • 18 adds up to 9 – the number of release, endings, love, wisdom and culminations.
  • 18 symbolizes rest and healing.
  • 2016 is a 9 Universal Year.
  • The eclipse occurs on March 9, Universal Time.

Here’s the GREAT news: Jupiter, planet of abundance and joy, is positioned exactly opposite the eclipsefacilitating plenty of fortunate opportunities over the next 6 months!

With Saturn creating highly dynamic T-square to the Solar Eclipse and Jupiter, you’re grounding your exquisite dreams, inviting the sensitivity and mysticism to come down to Earth, to flow with steadiness and depth.

We have another invitation to leave the past behind with the Sun and Moon conjunct (joined with) both the South Node and Chiron.

That means the healing will be deep – a wound from the past is being healed in you on a soul level.

You are surrendering… saying goodbye to old habits, to ideals you’ve carried around that no longer are a fit for you, and you’re doing this to make space for joy, to make room for abundance, to welcome expansive change into your life.

So… get ready for profoundly deep healing followed by brilliant new journeys.

Blessings and Love,
Tania Gabrielle

So there you have it! Hope you will apply this useful insights into your life so that you can manoeuvre your way meticulously and create a new life that you truly deserve!

Stay blessed, lovely & beautiful in this sacred period Sweet Peas!

Namasté ♡


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