April – A Month of Visualisation

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Hello Sweet Peas,

It’s finally April!

April is a month of visualisation.  The Angels are encouraging you to only use positive words, thoughts and feelings to manifest your desired outcome, dear ones.  Yes, it’s always very challenging to stay positive in a world where we have to interact with others constantly.  So here’s a tool for you:

Each time you notice a negative thought or feeling creeping up on you, call upon Archangel Michael is cancel any and all effects of the lower and negative energies from within and around you.  Then, make a sweeping action on both your wrists — one at a time.  You may or may not be conscious about it, but the negative effects are already gone. You’re thus ready to tackle anything that’s coming your way with positivity and in a beautiful perspective.

For all you religious beauties, please know that the relative ascended masters (Jesus, Mother Mary, Goddess or Mercy, Lord Vishnu, Ganesh, Maitraya, etc.) are guiding you towards the light every step of the way.  Please do pray to them whenever you feel your energies are stagnant or overwhelmed.  You may feel their presence very strongly in this beautiful April!

According to Kari Samuels,

April 2016 is a 13/4 Universal Month (4 + 2+0+1+6 = 13)

13 is associated with the divine feminine – since there are 13 lunar cycles in a year. This energy teaches you to connect with your intuition, and release what no longer serves you, so you can make room for abundance.

13 reduces to the number 4 (1+3 = 4) which is associated with practical matters of money and manifesting. It’s also associated with powerful masculine energy.

With this potent numerology combination, you’ll have the drive, courage AND intuition for you to build your dreams.

So there you have it!

May the crystal healing grid bring you abundance, positivity, protection and harmony!

Stay blessed, beautiful & miraculous always, Sweet Peas! Ü

Namasté ♡


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