♏ Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

Dear Sweet Peas,

Have you been feeling those intense energies that are making you sleepy, groggy and extremely overwhelmed?  Well, you are most certainly not alone!  I’ve been feeling these symptoms 4 days ago.  This energy has resulted in insomniac nights and exhausting days — a cause for concern among many people.

I crave deep, passionate love.  The matters of the heart haunts me and it’s slowly eating from inside of me.  I’d thought that I’d let go of past loves, but this full moon affirmed that I hadn’t done so.  It creates this cycle inside my mind, making me feel guilty about the mistakes that I’ve made in the past, and causing me to feel that I’m going to make the same mistakes in my current relationship.

This is SO not true! 

This full moon is desperately asking our souls to be cleansed of all the past, negative patterns that we have placed upon ourselves.  It calls us to surrender the past guilt, shame and hurt for a better future.  This is a soul lesson (past-life issue).  Instead of feeling guilty about what I have done in the past, I focused upon the present situation / relationship.  Do I love my partner?  What is it about the past loves that make me think about them?  What is wrong now?  Is there anything that is bothering my soul?  Am I overly attached to my partner’s energies?

These are the questions that needed to be desperately answered by my soul.

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© 2014 Jo Tracey

Henceforth, tonight is a great night for healing of all those hidden emotions that is within our subconscious self.  Full moon in Scorpio is indeed an intense period filled with mixed feelings, insomnia, and the typical ascension symptoms (headaches, dizziness, floaty feeling, etc.). Overall, we may not feel as grounded throughout the whole day even when we have already done some work before leaving the house.

This period has started 2 days before the full moon and will last 2 days after it.

It is very crucial for you to allow these mixed feelings to surface to your conscious self and heal them through meditations, yoga, light exercises, and activities that align your heart, mind and soul.  This is truly a great period for journalling, peace-making, praying and a daydream in a park or at near the water bodies.

Here is a message from the Angels that I’ve channeled on this powerful night:

“Dearest ones, you are being encouraged to expand your mind and ask for help whenever need be.  You have our support in every aspect of your life, and we will be in the form of an Earth Angel, various signs from nature and the fluffy clouds in the skies.  Be childlike and dream a dream.  Tonight, take a deep breath while dancing in the moonlight, and imagine the moonlight shining down on you, clearing your energy field of all that no longer serves you.  You are healed, supported and uplifted.  Know that all of your wishes and dreams on this very special day will come to fruition should you wish.  This is a very powerful and sacred time for manifestation, and the Universe amplifies the energies back to you tenfold.  Henceforth, breathe in the blessings, think of only abundance, and feel the Earth grounding you in warmth.  You are love, you are light, you are blessed.  All is well, dear ones…” 

 I truly pray that everyone basks in the healing moonlight of the Full Moon in Scorpio.  It is very sacred in my opinion, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience to break a negative cycle.  Once you have overcome this period, I strongly believe that you can gradually gain strength in everything you do in the near future. All is well!

Stay blessed, strong & beautiful everyone!

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ♡


3 thoughts on “♏ Full Moon in Scorpio ♏

  1. therealjamesdeer says:

    Excellent description. I totally agree that even though all the rough past memories have been popping up this week, I feel it too, the moon will cleanse us. Beautiful.

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awww yes, I do believe that when we have done the cleansing work alongside the moon energies, we will be throughly cleansed and available for more abundance in our near future. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! :’) Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤ xx

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