☼ The Art of Vulnerability ☼

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After a period of chaos (the recent blue moon) and hiatus, this revelation hit me like a ton of bricks.

Time after time, I have been hurt endlessly.  This was the result of not setting healthy boundaries, allowing all the toxic energies to shoot at my core.  Deep down inside, I was hurting, but I’d put on a brave front f0r the world to see — the typical light-worker / empath moment.  I am the light, I need to help people! 

Detachment makes me feel good, protected, and extremely comfortable.

The lies I told myself, “Everything is fine, I have Angels with me, remember?”  or  “I love you!” 

Those words rolled off my tongue so smoothly that I nearly believed them myself.

It was incredulous how I’d let all these happen to me in a timespan of a year.

Now it’s time to uncover the truth within me.

I am prepared to open myself up to the world…again.

To the society, vulnerability is weakness.  In essence, it makes you a weakling, a victim, and someone whose desperate.

But then again, society consists of many rules, procedures and regulations.  These restricted us to feel empowered, inspired and vulnerable.  Human beings become too pragmatic and detached.  Innuendos gradually became surrounded with the topic about money.

A conversation with a family member shook me to my core.  When asked if she’d like to keep pets next time, she affirmatively said no.  I then suggested that children are no difference to animals.  After all, we are all living beings!

Her answer made me believe that the world has turned us – human beings – into society’s slaves.

“When children grow up, they can make money.  But when pets grow up, they cannot do anything!” 

Her reply was infuriating.  I was burning with anger after she’d said that, but I kept quiet.  Where is the love, people?!  Does love not exist anymore?  Why are there still so many people hurting others out there?  The Orlando shooting incident, Harambe incident in the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Christina Grimmie incident… 

For the first time ever, I felt the pain of everything.  The pain that was buried deep inside me.  I cried for the people who died.  I cried for the innocent loved ones who suffered.  And I cried for people who are living but aren’t as fortunate as I am.  I was the epitome of pain during this period of time.

The Light Sourcing Meditation woke me out of my reverie, pulled me out of the darkness, and enabled me to open up to vulnerability again.  Truth to be told, it was my first time trying out the free meditation.  It literally opened up my heart this morning.  I felt the love of my guides surrounding me with love — the love that I still couldn’t feel yesterday.

For those who are on the same path as me, I strongly encourage you to try out this beautiful meditation by Rebecca Campbell, the author of Light is the New Black.  Her story was so beautiful and so relatable to me that the Angels are encouraging me to open up to share my story with you.

I feel healed.

I feel whole.

I feel love.

Give yourself a treat with this meditation, I know that it won’t disappoint you! 😉

Vulnerability can be your best friend if you allow it, I just know it!

Henceforth, stay open, beautiful & loving always, dearest beautiful Earth Angels!

Namasté ♡


11 thoughts on “☼ The Art of Vulnerability ☼

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    Nice post. Vulnerability is just a part of being human. Every one goes through some kind of pain in life. It hurts so much when that happens, but then again it is part of life. It is natural to feel those negative emotions. In fact in those dark times, use it to your advantage and allow it to make you stronger

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Yes, I totally agree! :’) People truly need to see & feel vulnerability – it’s what makes us humane & strong! Thank you so much for sharing your views on Vulnerability! 🙂 Namaste! ❤ xxx

  2. rainmaidenblog says:

    lovely post. thank you. The words you wrote on vulnerability was soothing to read. also the image is beautiful- the stones are very pleasing too. Especially that soft pink one- it kind of pierced me. Ive gotten beat up alot too recently, actually got pretty much destroyed. But im slowly healing I think, but it hurts to be vulnerable right now, so ive just had to focus on my grotesque pain instead. When I look at my pain then I can see, yes something happened to me, but its not my fault I am vulnerable.
    Thank you for this.

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      The soft pink one is a Rose Quartz Point. If you’re attracted to it, I believe that you should get one. It helps to heal past hurts and opens your heart up to more healing & miracles. It’s a very gentle and calming stone. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. In life, there are always ups and downs. You’re very strong, dearest Rain Maiden. Keep on believing in healing & may the angels bless you with love, light, abundance & healing! Namasté ❤ xxx

      • rainmaidenblog says:

        your note made me smile very much. Thank you dear for telling me I am very strong and that you encouraged me to keep believing in healing and that the angels would bless me. you have a very kind energy and the message was touching to my heart. I think I will have to get a Rose Quartz Point. I have a small Rose Quartz stone which i like alot, but i think the Rose Quartz Point might direct energy in a different way that also increases healing. I love gentle and calming stones as they do touch my spirit. Namaste. 🙂 ❤

      • HealingAngels4U says:

        Awww you’re most welcome, dearest Rain Maiden! :’) Yes, I do believe so too. Your attraction towards Rose Quartz Point is beautiful! I do pray that you will find one that brings you luck, abundance & love as well. Take care & Namasté, beautiful one ♡ xxx

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